Golden Matte Polymer Varnish test


Melissa tested the Polymer varnish with the Reborn FX matting powder. Its under Product Testing and Review.


Here we are 3 days out. The varnish should be pretty much cured now. It has a light dewy sheen to the finish. Very comparable to the finish I get with the RebornFX Ultra Matte Varnish I have been using. Here is my cell phone photo. I will be honest to say this is more sheen than I prefer my dolls to have but when it comes to air dry varnishes I have as of yet to find a finish that is as matte as I am able to get using Genesis Satin mixed with Matte.

@Lil, yes I saw MGDolls testing of the matting powder with the varnishes.
She did not use it the way the company recommends, which is to melt the powder in some distilled water first. Using the water powder mix will thin whatever varnish you put it in some but then that in and of itself will help to cut sheen as well. I have yet to play around with doing that.


Do you bake after using it or it should be air dry?


These are all air dry products


Thank you.