Facebook reborn pages


That’s a little better then but still the body is 10-15 then hair and everything else.


That would depend on the kit. But if they are actually reborning the kit, putting in the time and care it takes, then they wouldn’t want to sell it for $100, I don’t think. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t.


I read that one, and just shook my head LOL… crazy!!!


I saw that and all I could think as “I hope this is not a scam”.So many of the listings on facebook that look like awesome deals turn out to be scams.If you check the scammer pages for names of scammers,I do regularly,they are full of people that paid and got nothing.Scammers are bad about asking for payment through friends and family or WalMart to WalMart. No protection for the buyer at all.Trades on facebook,where do I begin,seems like 90% of the time one person sends theirs and gets nothing in return.Not a chance that I would trade with anybody that I didn’t know.


LMAO…I haven’t had too many problems from the French FB sites aside from a woman who kept telling me for three days that she wanted my Priscilla but not offering to pay and was then angry when I sold her to someone else…how dare I!!! However the other day I had a lady from Reborns ask me if my Liam was sold, she’s on reserve, and how much. I told her she is sold to someone who is on a layaway plan but that I would be making another one, as a boy, very soon. She wrote back this morning and said “Oh good, I want him for 200 dollars” BWAHAHAHA! Oh sure!!! I send the a link to Mac’s with the price of the kit and then listed all the other things involved not to mention all the hours and many days I spend creating the baby. I told her that my Liam sold for nearly 700 including shipping so NO, I would not be selling any Liam’s for 200 dollars :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just an FYI, it isn’t just Facebook, I had a member here write me, wanting me to make a custom Liam toddler for 200.00!!!??? CRAZY


I just don’t think they understand what goes into making a baby…especially a toddler!


That is insane!!! The kit alone is $140!!!


They don’t have a clue.