Do you think this is crazy?

I’m going to look at them with my finished character in mind and start watching the sales. I’m honestly leaning towards Skeeter or Cricket. They have the right face I think. Rainy looks stubborn and I don’t want to work around ‘attitude’

I think Cricket IS the better choice but, alas, I only have 2 Skeeters


Well… I am in the mood to vote!!!

When I omit the old , scary Leprechaun like from the movie from my brain, and think of a lucky charms leprechaun, it will be PERFECT!

As for rooting beards…I just rooted a Donna Rubert Santa and it was equivalent to rooting a brick. I suggest using a bigger needle like 38g or 40g.

Funny how I just saw this awesome Paper Mache Leprechaun on Etsy. This is what I’m envisioning a Skeeter Leprechaun would to look like.

Now that I think of it - - - I do think the fairy/elf is a harder vinyl. I am not the best rooter to begin with so I may have to re-think this beard thing. But that is a cute leprechaun and Skeeter would be perfect with the skinny legs and arms.


Awe Angela, you should do one too!! Your Santa was great!! Just think how quickly this would go… Too bad BB doesn’t do pageants anymore. This would have been a perfect entry for St Patrick’s Day.

Hey - anyone ------------------------ just join right in and make a leprechaun or St. Pat’s baby. It’s all fun.


BB never did the pageants, it was forum members… but I’m not even going to touch that topic with a 10 foot pole, lol.

Actually my FIRST ever “reborn” was a “baby leprechaun” and my second was a Rainy Fairy. Making a fairy leprechaun could complete the full circle, ending my rookie year of reborning where it began. I wish I had time, but if one of my custom orders catches me going astray, I may be in trouble, lol. I do still have this rainy, because I accidentally melted her hair…don’t ask, but i no longer use synthetic hair… I wanted to strip her and start over anyways…