Caleb Intro/Tessa Clothing Box Opening (Pic Heavy)


@Anne OK, unconfuse me please. Since English is a foreign language for me I Google it. So what is it?


@YelenaRey look up human chimera


Got It!


Thanks so much @Anne and @jlesser!! I looked at those pics over and over like… I have GOT to be just missing IT!! That is so cool, I really like it!!


It’s usually a result of when twin embryos form into one baby, and that one baby not only has it’s own DNA but also the DNA of the twin it absorbed. And due to having two DNA patterns, it can have two different skin colors, etc.


I saw different color, but I thought it was a shadow. I love Anne’s creativity!


Thank you! It was out there, lol!


Me too, and ME TOO!!! :blush:


Oh my goodness, I didn’t even notice the different colors, I thought it was a shadow! I’m so happy to see other artists making babies with extra unique features. I was just thinking the other day how much I would like to make a baby with heterochromia!


I love seeing babies like this. It makes them extra special. Not all babies are born perfect and I’m so glad there are artist with hearts big enough to to make babies that honor them. :heart:


@jlesser Jenni did special babies :heart_decoration:


Love baby and the outfits! Great job!


@Anne I am so excited to see you finish your precious little purse baby! She is so adorable I love her! And Tessa blew me away with these beautiful clothes :heart_eyes:


Than you everyone, Tessa nailed it with the clothes!
@mdurant1 Can’t wait to see your baby with Heterochromia!


@jlesser I just noticed you put my name on my pic, thank you. I need to figure out how to do that myself.