BB premium mohair


Well, alpaca is really hard to root for me because its so fine. I think synthetic is the worse because I experienced it by it didn’t root good and also it wouldn’t lay flat to the head. Lol!


What actually is Mohair? Where does it come from?
I’m so confused on the differences between Mohair, Alpaca, and real human hair. I mean I know the differences, but I don’t know which is used for which babies, etc.


My understanding - Mohair is from a goat and is good for all reborns as well as alpaca. Human hair is better on older babies. I use human hair or whatever I feel is necessary for the Alternative I am working on. I am sure someone will come along and refine what I said, lol. That was the quick version.


This might help. Not that you’re a Dummy lol


I believe there is one more on alpaca hair, just not seeing it yet.


Sent you a PM


When it comes to mohair, I am! Lol. Ty so much for the link.


Well, it helped me too :laughing: an no problem :wink:


Do you recommend it for lanugo or baby fine hairs around the sides?


I never rooted alpaca hair before, but I order some and haven’t used it yet because it very difficult to root. I heard most people said alpaca is really fine to root lanugo and the baby fine hairs around the face.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’m going to try that when I root Tacy. Thanks for letting me know! I’m


I use super fine blonde kid for lanugo but alpaca might work better I think. It’s worth a shot


It’s worth a try!


Definitely is! And if it doesn’t work the way you want you can always sell it or use it on a different doll


Alpaca comes from Alpaca, not a goat and is usually finer than kid mohair