Baby UNO - Fun Game! Come Play!


Thank you so much Pia!


Baby wrapped in blanket


On the couch (though it has a blanket on it)


Your Chase is my FAVORITE version of Chase out of every single one I LOVE how you did this baby!!!


Thank you.


brown haired boy


He is adorable, so much character in that sweet little face!




Painted hair


thank you <3


Sleeping baby with a swirl on top


I adore her coloring, this is my favorite coloring on a reborn!


Thank you.


Baby on fur


Baby on fur


Baby in a basket


Baby in a basket


In his little basket.


Moses baskets are so special to me. We got my real baby Raymond when he was 2 weeks old. We hadn’t planned on him. We didn’t have room for him. We had nothing for him. My stepdaughter and I went to Target and bought the basic stuff we had to have. But I had a little Moses basket full of dolls already at home. I moved those dolls out, and moved Raymond in. He slept in that basket for about 4 months. Any time I see a Moses basket, I think of my little foundling, as well as the original Moses who was suddenly adopted by a momma who wasn’t expecting to adopt a baby. :heart:


Uncovered legs