Baby UNO - Fun Game! Come Play!


Harper kit


Full vinyl torso (Londyn’s head on Angel’s body)


So either one of you can answer this which limbs if any gave you the biggest problem ?For me I had no trouble with the legs or head however he almost became an arm less baby.
The arms were the exact same size of the cloth body and had no give whatsoever could have just about put no cable ties in and it would have stayed :slight_smile:


I don’t remember but I do remember saying “I will NEVER buy another kit like this”… a few months later I bought Harper half off… but haven’t touched him yet… LOL

I think it may be like childbirth… :wink: After a while the horrible memories fade and you desire to do it again. LOL (sometimes anyways)


I knew I had saved him for last when re-doing the stuffing for some reason however it had been a while so couldn’t recall what now I know and yeah think that must be it you forget the pain :smile:


Baby in diaper


Baby’s back


Baby with lt brown hair


lt brown/dk blonde hair


Sleeping baby with dark blonde hair.


Same outfit :wink: (Joseph)


Babies in teal and gray





He is adorable!! @pia


Thank you so much! He was adopted quickly so I barely had a chance to cuddle him. (I have another 1st edition waiting for paint!).


Baby in blue and white


Baby wearing white shoes.


Baby with a head band.


Baby with a head band


Pink onesie.