Baby Avi - please post yours


Thanks , no they don’t glow in the dark I just put glossy paint on them I wasn’t sure it would show in the pictures .


@marrabo I assume that you did it after the varnish, otherwize it would not be glossy, right?
When I’ll do mine I will experiment with glow in the dark paint. Wondering is any one used it before. May be for the ghost babies?


I have used Glow in the Dark Folk Art Paint on a baby I did for my cousin about 2 1/2 years ago. She doesn’t know that I did that. She doesn’t like Reborns so the baby is probably under wraps thrown in the back of the closet, lol. So I don’t know if it will glow after being in the light anymore or not but I did use it and it did work after I sealed it. Can’t wait to see your experiment.


Yes after sealing is when I used it .


I know someone else has done avatar baby I have seen at least one other one for sure but thought more were out there .


There are a lot more out there! Come on everyone, let’s see those Avatars! They are all so awesome!


Look at this one I just saw!


Yes, I saw her. She and Avatar-boy were there for a while. They are so perfect! I am surprised they are still there. I want both of them, but talking myself every day out of buying them that it will be so much fun to make my own avatar. I want mine to be reborned from Joseph awake also, waiting for him to be on sale, but it didn’t happen yet :persevere:

Thank you for thinking of me anyway! :slight_smile:


Here is her blue boy!


We need more Avatars! Those two are adorable!


@Reefbubbles This precious one was adopted today after his price was dropped by $25 and I regret not buying him! :disappointed_relieved:


Oh no! Now you are going to have to paint your own baby Avatar! So what did it actually sell for?


$375 I assume, this is the price that I saw this morning. I would gladly paint mine (obviously mine will not be that perfect), but Joseph awake does not want to be on sale :disappointed_relieved:


I have a newborn Joseph awake in my stash. Wanna trade him for anything?


@Katinafleming PMing you…


I have a list what I need to finish before I get to Avatars including my commitment to CASA, but the gears in my head are turning and I am anxious to start little-by-little. I think I can turn my Priscilla that I started 2+ months ago and never had time to finish yet into the sleeping avatar baby.
So, ladies, who’s done their avatars before, which colors are MUST have?

I have Ultramarine Blue & Vein Blue. Do you think I can mix the rest from them?
Which colors did you use?
Thank you for any advices!


I haven’t made an avatar yet, but I think if I did I’d use the phthalo blues (probably 04 thru 08). You could probably also mix ultramarine with a touch of white.


I use Air Dry and I just used blue in various shades… So blue and white. :smile:



presley%20avtr priscilla%20avtr
Hello Forum! I’ve seen the last 2 of my lil’ AvaTar Babies that were recently listed on here and thought I’d share a couple more of my favorites :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: