2018 Halloween Challenge - Rules


SAME HERE!! Totally not done! HA!


What’s the limit of submissions? Or, is there one? :slight_smile:


As many as you want!


I love you! :slight_smile:


I’m super behind too, I’m doubting I’ll be able to get my 2nd baby done at all since I’m not even done with the first one. I had a really nasty cold and now I have Bronchitis and a sinus infection and 1st baby is only half done T-T but I super want to enter this, so I’m working on it small amounts as I’m able.


Oh no! Feel Better! Entering one is just fine, take care of yourself.


No confusion here other than my daily norm :smile: got it Thanks !


I have gotten a few entries. If I have replied to you as - “I got it” then you know I have received it, if not please resubmit, thanks!


I don’t know if I will be able to finish my second either…he was my “alternative” baby. I had a huge disaster with two lots of hair that I ordered because I didnt have an black and it MUST be black. One was called Pitter Patter and its dry and frizzy so I bought some Susan Nagel thinking it would be far better as it is sold as the best mohair on earth…so I get it and its dry and frizzy as well…Its a tiny bit softer than the other so I started using it and then realised it was leaking dye on my head. Ive never had any mohair leak dye before…anyway, I don’t know what happened with that but I posted about it yesterday. My husband and I are going to try and dye (I have acid dye) some of my white hair that I got from Russia. I rooted my little “future mother of dragons” with it…Ill be putting her together this weekend. Too bad I didnt have the idea to turn my Ashley Awake into a Targaryen earlier or I would have entered her :wink:


Mine will be in soon. :grinning:


@Anne, can we see the doll in your profile pic? Looks super creepy!


Yes, that was my Halloween Zombie from last year. Happy to show her again! She will be part of my decoration for Halloween this year. There is one of those motion things in the box that screams when you pass her, lol!


Gorgeous!! Are you first of us to use the eyes?? I think they’re my favorite, but haven’t used them YET! @nikkiroc have you?


I decided to order more hair, it will be here on Thursday or Friday…The question is, can I root, put together and take pictures of the baby before Monday the 24th? Ill give it a shot :wink:


No, I still have mine. I think the pink ones would be awrsome in a dragon but I don have a dragon. Haha


They sell them :wink:


Florence finally arrived. It’s going to be exceptionally difficult to finish my rooting in the dark…maybe we’ll both have baldies!


Take care!!
I was thinking about a hat but it just won’t go well with my vision of the finished product :wink:


Oh no!!! I hope it comes back on quick!


Yes! Thankfully, outage was only for a couple of hours. Hope that’ll be the end of it!