Zip tie wont go through

Putting a baby together to ship out tomorrow and this body (20in body from Bountiful Baby) has a part that is stitched together and I can’t get the zip tie though it and dont know where to snip without damaging the body. ( in the pic it’s right about the part with the hanging piece) Help. ps. .I dont have needle and thread.

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Did you try it from the opposite direction?


This has happened to me too, keep trying to enter it through both opposite ends, until it goes thru. Good luck!


Yes I tried it from both sides and even used a large zip tie to push through but that didnt help either

Where is the part that it wont go through? the neck hole? it looks like it is a full tube? weird that it would not go through if so

Yes the neckline right under the chin

Hmmm. I would keep trying. I sometimes have to kinda roll the fabric around the tip of the tie as I push to get it to go through. Always a fight when I replace the strings with cable ties

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Wow okay. I’ll keep trying

I had that happen on one. I tried and tried. Luckily it was a raffle baby. So it didn’t have to be perfect. I ended up cutting slits on each side of the seam to feed it through around the stupid seam. It wasn’t noticeable when I put it together. But I hate to have to do that. :grimacing:


I had something like this when I put Reese together a couple weeks ago!! I did eventually get it through, I think it took something like a half an hour. I had to repeatedly try to force it through from both sides. I just sort of sat and watched TV to pass the time while I worked :joy:

I’ve had this happen before also. It’s usually a seam folded down and you just have to find a way around and over it.

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I hope this doesn’t happen to me. I have had to wiggle it some and work at it a tiny bit, but not like this. I would have to take my seam ripper and unsew (rip out) 3 or 4 stitches and try it that way. I need to be sure I have the correct color thread in the event I do have to unsew it and resew it! That is just so frustrating!

Finally!! Thanks for the tips. Someone inboxed me about trying knitting needle or something and I remembered that the looming post in here made me purchase loom knitting items lol so I used a looming needle to work my way in there and voila!


I had one like that recently, it didn’t have any holes, I just took the point of small sharp scissors and carefully made the holes , I put them where they should’ve been, then the zip tie went through great.

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Had this same thing happen with the same body on a custom. I did something similar to what Katina did on the inside seam area, and it went through. I had a birthday deadline for a local friend’s child and had to get desperate with it. But it worked, although that seam may not be quite as strong as it was originally, but it’s tucked in with the neck flange and is on the inside. I wish BB would look into these bodies. Some of them are really bad with this problem and others are fine.

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Can you show a pic of your knitting needle, and where did you buy it? Thanks!

Yup, knitting needle is what I always use. Takes me only a few minutes to get them all in.

Glad you got it fixed. Nothing more aggravating than being on the home stretch and not being able to finish. :grin:

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Me too!!:slightly_smiling_face::wink:


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Yay for Loom Needle!