Yipee landon

Nobody to tell this that understands so came here

Earlier today i was wishing Landon was on sale then…the doll fairy jumped in and i got…a seconds Landon! im so excited .!
Been wanting him since i first saw his cute face!


Me too

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Tell you the truth i forgot the body.didnt look what it needs
Leif is pretty cute too.Maybe should have too.

yep!! Lief is pretty cute i like Charles too .i need to close my eyes

I was gonna order him but was too late…so i ordered a seconds Quinn as he was one of the babies i have wanted :smiley:

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My Landon kit for a custom came in yesterday. Haven’t put a drop of paint on him and I’m already in love. :heart_eyes: He is a chunk of sweetness. I missed the seconds or I would have ordered another one.

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They just shipped mine cant wait! he looks like hell have a beautiful face.I don’t collect but this one …maybe.


Gone again

No! awe thought youd get it !
Keep an eye out they did that with a few others lately put them up take them down and back up a few days later