Yellowing on my (not 2nds) 3 year old June kit

I was finally working on my big 3 year old June kit… I washed her like normal and painted first layer of base coat, baked it and then went to paint another layer when I noticed the all to familiar factory painted spot… (sigh) I paid full price for this kit. I stayed away from seconds because I didn’t want to deal with the yellowing spots. I didn’t pre-inspect because I believed BB had this all taken care of. (Sigh) after this I will have to check them all.

I stripped it and tried to get pics to show yellow spot.


Send it back!

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I agree…

That is so upsetting! :sob:

Actually… upon further investigation… there is spots on all parts… I’m sick to my stomach over it. 2 kits

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I’m so disappointed for you! I’m having the same issue currently, and have with several other kits, all firsts. Unfortunately I’m finding that the yellowing isn’t showing up until after baking, so it’s almost impossible to anticipate the issue :frowning:

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