Yellow on vinyl

I started my Reese and got to the third layer of GHSP paint and on the back of the thigh a yellow blotch about 4x3 appeared.This is the second kit in a row I have had this happen to. Skya had a large yellow stain? on her face by the mouth and onto the cheek. I made her an AA baby because the yellow does not cover. I have sent a message to BB as yet no response. I most likely will back off buying if this is going to happen. Once a fluke twice something is going on with the manufacturing.You can’t sale a baby with a large yellow blotch on it.

Have you had this problem?

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I had this problem with one of my newborn Josephs. It eventually faded under all the mottling and flesh layers. But myself and some others have experience this with LE kits, lately, too.

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I had a yellow spots from using the Oxy acne stuff to remove pollen stains. I just did a few layers of purple to neutralize it. Purple only on the yellow spots and avoid yellow on the spot.


You know it must be the manufacturing process? A while back all the kits smelled horrible and I notice that has not happened lately but I don’t think you should have to figure out how to correct this situation. We pay good money for these kits.


I used that Oxy stuff twice, and both times that happened to me, ended up throwing out the heads :frowning:

Oh no! My doll had big dark spots on her face so I was heartbroken and decided to see if I could fix it and now you can’t even tell.

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If BB hasn’t responded, I would get in touch with them again – maybe by phone call. It is possible that they overlooked it somehow. All the best to you guys in this.

I haven’t used any “Oxy stuff” on my baby so I don’t know what difference that would make on this baby I’m working on?

oh, ok… I don’t know then , was just my experience with that Oxy stuff, trying to fade a spot. Happened to me the two times I tried it, faded the spot, BUT when I started painting(after washing it well) a yellow spot appeared where I applied it. (using air dry paint, never baked it)

My theory is the yellow has to do with oily spots in the vinyl. Maybe some vinyl is not mixed by the factory as well, and a batch of kits ends up with this problem.

You never know what will turn a kit yellow. Awhile back I was packing to go somewhere and I was transferring some tumeric capsules to a travel pill case. I finished and washed my hands and went on to doing other things I had washed some kits so went to put them away. When I got them out to begin painting a week later they both had many yellow spots on them. I could not figure out where the spots had come from. I backtracked everything I had done with them and remembered the tumeric capsules. The tumeric powder in the inside is very yellow. All I can figure is that I had gotten the dust on my clothing and when was wrapping up the kits it must have transferred to them. Here is a picture of one of them


I don’t think so, one of my Jaspers had yellow spots like that. Painted it Alternative so that didn’t bother me.

My spots always appeared after so many layers and baking. But there is one time my son got some pollen stains on a kit. Took a lot of scrubbing. A tiny stain was left but mottling and flesh layers covered them eventually.