Yea! My Kerri-Lynn Sold on

Kerri-Lynn was the cozy I did when we made a baby togeather -I am so glad I didnt have to do ebay !!! And she is going to a wonderful lady who really needs her right now !!!

Yay Cher!!! She was such a beautiful baby. so glad for you and the new momma!!

[size=14]**That is great to hear!! A very happy ending!! **[/size]


That’s wounderful So do you like better than Ebay?

I like the auctions on e-bay and its alot more traffic-but this was VERY easy and I enjoyed it .
I well def put more babies up and give them a chance to sell here -for sure !!!

Awesome!! Great job! that didnt take too long either! was it a woman in the US?

What great news - congrats!

Yes the Lady recently lost a baby (miscarrage) and it hit her and her family very hard -she was told by her DR. that getting a reborn baby would possably help her and found Kerri-lynn!!!
She has 3 daughters already and I am sending stuff for them all to have a lil baby shower togeather (plates ,cups ,napkins ,cupcake toppers and party favors !) I think they will have fun and it sounds like they all could use a lighter day !!!

OHHHHHH I love your siggy baby !!!

Congratulations on your sale. I had been watching her. She was so pretty. Isn’t it encouraging to know that there are other sites to sell our reborns on besides ebay. Their fees are so high and they have so much control over the transactions. Best wishes on future sales.

luv2lrn your baby is so unique looking!!! I think it is gorgeous!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Hi Cher -

I just joined that site, too. Do you know how long the photos stay up on that site? Is there a time frame? I’m still exploring it - it seems a bit difficult to find some answers.


Congratualtions that is awesome…so glad to hear there is another option for selling other than ebay…hope it works out for everyone.

Sissy -

I just joined myself. First of all - you need to link the site to a website. I wonder if you could link it to an Etsy site as well.


They dont want you to do that as they are trying to promote an ALTERNATIVE to etsy and e-bay .
You do have to have a website and post a link on it but there are lots of places to build a simple website and they are pretty easy I hear and FREE.
Any way it another way to try and make a sale -heck hit them all !!!

The site is really new and seems to have a few bugs they are working out but they do seem to be on it . I dont know how long they stay up and had a heck of a time figuring out how to post Kerri-Lynn as adopted and when I finely did it she just disapeared !POOF gone !!! So I dont know !