Yay! I finally finished baby lovelyn for my friend

Yes! She is done! The $500 baby that was terrible . I managed to pull out all of her hair and strip her , start all over.


She is beautiful. I am finishing up on my 2 silicone filled Lovelyn boys right now that will be picked up on Saturday morning. I really love this sculpt. Can’t wait to do one that is NOT filled with silicone. BTW, that dress is adorable. Great job!

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Do you have before and after shots. That would be fun to see.


Wow…amazing. She so cute!!

She is so adorable. I love her dress!

Thank you . I don’t like the small opening in the head and arms though . The dress I got from swap.com

Yes I’ll put some on as soon as I get home, I work in school and our signal is awful

Here are some before pics

She’s such a cute little baby. What a mess she was. Is that her stuffing in the box?

Yes that was all in her, she was so heavy that her arms actually fell off. It was full of aquarium rocks, and her eyes were not even glued in.

Wow! Aquarium rocks - Really?!

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Her hair was so “pluggy”! It looks like the hair was rooted backwards with the hair going to the back and not the front.

Yes, it was awful. And the hair felt horrible

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Did you not see good photos before you bought that baby? You did a great transformation. She was a sad little girl before,

Yes, I was curious about the “story” behind this, too. Where was she bought (ebay, etsy, etc.), how were the pics (like Pia mentioned) and why wasn’t she returned (for $500, I would expect perfection!)?

A friend of mine bought her, the lady had put fake pics on eBay, she bought her with a prepaid visa. Anyway eBay would not help her at all. She even got a lawyer and all eBay would say is it’s her against yours, she sent them photos of everything, but still no luck. The lady blocked her also. I don’t know her name, but she teaches how to make reborns😂 and charges $150. But my friend was never paid back.

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Her word against hers ( correction)

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That’s insane! One of the few times the item is truly “Not as Described” and ebay won’t do anything? I know she used a prepaid visa but did she pay via PayPal?

Was she buying it for someone else that was supposed to pay her back?

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She was getting her for her daughter

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