I had a customer desperately trying to purchase a doll. “Can I buy?” “Can I pay now?” “Can you ship today?” All this. So I messaged her back, finalized details, packed the baby up. Now nothing. She has not responded to any of my messages since this morning.

Now what?

I have other buyers ready and willing to buy, but I don’t want to be rude. How long would you wait?

Has she paid for it? If she doesn’t respond, I’d sell it to someone else. It could be a child.


No, she hasn’t paid. She rushed me to be able to ship today, then didn’t pay or respond to any more of my messages.

So you wouldn’t wait any more time, just let someone else buy?

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I give them a set amount of time. Usually, I say payment must be received within one hour of them receiving the invoice…or I’m moving on to the next person.
My motto on payments is:
:poop: or get off the pot! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol @Katinafleming. I guess she is up for grabs again. I do not have time to play with people. What’s irritating is that I could have sold her 3 times already and had her shipped today. Which I wanted to do because it’s snowing all day tomorrow.

Why do people do this? :roll_eyes:


My guess is they decide to buy…then their husband says “no way!” Or they come to their senses and realize they can’t afford a doll. Too many people want them but have no business buying them.


I had someone who kept telling me that she wanted my Priscilla and Id ask her if she wanted a PayPal invoice and she would clam up, she did this twice only to come back a couple days later and tell me how much she wanted her and told me to send the invoice. I send the invoice and she said…“Ill pay you in the morning”
I asked why she needed to pay in the morning and why did she ask for the invoice if she had not planned on paying? She ignored my question so I asked her if she saw my message and made sure to tell her that if someone else came along and wanted the baby I would sell her to them. She just repeated herself about paying in the morning which made me angry because she was just going to ignore what I said. Its almost like a game to them Im afraid. Ive been jerked around by people so many times, and her included, that Im tired of it. Wouldn’t you know someone else came on about an hour after she signed off and wanted Priscilla…she sat on Reborns and FB for a couple weeks…suddenly everyone wanted her. Anyway, I sold her to the paying customer. If you wait you just end up losing a sale. I don’t deal well with the whole selling side of things, it stresses me out, but I have learned that I can’t be nice all the time or I miss out.


The one and only time I held a baby for someone they did this sort of thing.

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I would sell to another customer

Sounds like a child contacting you.


She is sold now. Hahaa For real this time to someone else.

I think it was more or less someone who wanted the doll, but just couldn’t shuffle around her funds. Which I didn’t know because she was bugging me to complete the transaction. I don’t hold babies and wasn’t trying to this time either.

I don’t think I will ever understand the thought process behind stuff like this.


I don’t hold the doll for anyone who hasn’t paid. Move on.

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I wonder if there are people out there who get kicks from rushing people around and then just not do it?


I decided a long time ago to not take payments on my dolls. I worry that the people who can’t afford to purchase outright can’t afford them anyway and I don’t want to be a part of them not having money for necessities because they chose to buy something they really didn’t need. That may not be the case with most of them but there’s always the chance that it could be. Eliminating payments keeps disorganized me from having to keep track of who’s paid what, and it usually gets rid of the time wasters too.
I just put a note in my listing that my reborns all remain open for purchase by someone else until someone actually sends the money to my Paypal account. And that because of that it’s important to pay quickly once you decide you want the baby because there could be someone else out there considering the same one. So far it’s worked pretty well!


I wouldn’t wait a minute, if it isn’t a regular trusted buyer of yours.

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agree, I don’t do many layaways either

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I don’t promise anyone a baby. It is for sale, if you pay, I process and ship. NO holds, ever (unless you are an established client). I only ship on Mondays, that gives people time to think about it, pay, and a little wiggle room if they change their minds. I process only after I get confirmation, I don’t want to waste my time.

If someone else is ready and wants to pay, sell it to them. If the person comes back let them know you do not HOLD babies, that you made contact and heard nothing back so assumed she changed her mind.

I have mixed feelings about that too. It isn’t my business how people spend, why or how that will effect them but it is my business (literally) how that will effect me.

I find that impulse purchasing when you don’t really have the money causes problems down the road, it just does, and it can cause some negative feelings and resentment on both ends.

I only sell to people who are sure, and who are ready. I want them to be happy.

I make it policy so my heart strings do not get tugged. At the end of the day I hope that maybe that person will sleep on it and be glad they saved that money for what they really needed it for.

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