Wrong eye size

I am so sick of ordering the size of eyes stated in the kit description, only to find that they are wrong. That for me is a very expensive mistake. Postage to Australia is huge, and our local postage is the highest in the world, even if I would be able to find suitable eyes here. That means I need to buy eyes by the dozen from O/S, well, at least 1/2 dozen. As a result I have box full of eyes, which I may never use. In this moment I have almost all eyes 22mm, but all the kits in my cupboard are either sleepers or need 20mm; I am just keeping my fingers crossed that some will take 22. I am talking about crystal mouth blown eyes from Lauscha,they cost me each close to $50 Australian when I bought them some time ago. Now, that euro is quite low, the same eyes are much cheaper = more like $35, and if I try to re-sell I will be losing a lot.

What I would like to see would be that the size & type of eyes used for the prototype stated in the kit description. For instance Lulu; the thing that attracted me to this kit was her huge eyes. I especially ordered the recommended 22mm, only to find that she needed 24mm to look the same.

Today, I decided that I need some kits that will take 22mm eyes and ordered 6; if they end up needing some other size, I will be very unhappy.

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That happens way too often, I agree. I wish they would include the size and type used in the prototype, so that people will know what to order to achieve a similar effect.

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I saw a prototype on ebay that I had fallen in love with. The eyes really made the kit. What I did is I sent her a message and asked what eyes and size she used. Sure enough they were a size larger than the kit size. So I would suggest asking the artist if you can.

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@Lycrisa, you can buy the right size eye with a larger iris. These are both 22mm eyes - one with a regular sized iris & one with a large iris (in fact, you can get eyes with a smaller iris as well - for those little ones with tiny external eye sockets)