Wouldn't be fun

I just got myself a bowl of Heavenly Hash Ice Cream and I’m getting ready for Dancing with the Stars to come on!

sharing a bowl of apple sauce w/ my 1 year old son and now craving heavenly hash icecream,thanks!! lol

I painted Meg today and now I am relaxing and going to watch Two and a half men, and wishing for some ice cream! LOl

Oh my goodness…I LOVE peach cobbler

I’ll be there in about 30 minutes for some peach cobbler!

Heavenly Hash ice cream is chocolate ice cream with chocolate pieces, nuts, and marshmallow creme, and its my Fav!

Go Donny Go is right! I hope he wins!

icecream can perform miracles

i am sitting here now waiting for general hospital to come on and dreading cooking dinner, i really don’t like to cook.

also dreading feeding farm animals. it is raining and everything is mud, maybe i will send daughter out to feed

o no poor baby!!! i hope she gets better fast and that the rest of you dodge the bullet!!!

i am sitting here w/ both my boys asleep on the couches… my 4 year old has had a stomach bug and is recovering from being sick all day yesterday,yuk!

my 1 year old didn’t nap earlier and is now asleep, hmmm, doesn’t look good for sleeping tonight