Would it be weird?

I have three dream babies still in kit form that I’m seriously considering weighting/assembling and displaying as is. Would that be weird? I’m terrified of ruining them if I have them painted/rooted, as they are all very hard to find and expensive now. I just figured if I ever changed my mind, it’s not like I couldn’t have them painted later down the road.

Has anyone else done this sort of thing, or am I completely nuts? :joy::joy:


Nope. I’ve seen people do it.
Out of curiosity, who do you have?


Good, glad to know I’m not the only one! I have Everleigh, Miracle, & Esme by LLE. :two_hearts:


Not weird, I think I am going to do that too, lol. :thinking: I have see others do that also. If and when I do I will post a pic. :+1:


Oh nice! Enjoy them! :blush:

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Thank you so much! :heart::heart:

I found the post!


So glad I’m not crazy and that there are others out there who are doing the same. Lol. I have completed reborns in my collection that I love, but am terrified to mess with. Just want them to stay perfect for as long as possible! At least if I keep these ones blank, I won’t be constantly worried about ruining their paint.


Thank you for sharing that thread with me. Makes me feel less… odd. I want to collect what makes ME happy, you know? I love my completed reborns, but they also scare me, to be honest. Lol.


Go for it bro!


My prized baby is Elyse Brace! I messed up cutting the flap on the back of her eye I was so bummed. She is not messed up on her face but good thing I use Air Dry Paints, lol. No reason not to enjoy her now. Pics coming tomorrow, lol! Thanks Britt!


That’s exactly how I feel. No reason not to enjoy them now! Mine have just been sitting in plastic bins in my closet, so I figured why not just put them on a body so I can display and appreciate them? Once I have mine all assembled, I will share pictures! :heart:


Nope! Lol I do the same. I’ve got two that are painted and the rest are just blank. I’m someone that enjoys cuddling and changing my dolls frequently and you can’t really do that with completed dolls without just completely wrecking the paint and that is one of my biggest fears with owning these dolls lol.


I’m so glad I’m not alone in this. Like, I love this hobby so much and while it’s incredibly fun, it can be incredibly stressful sometimes, too. I barely ever interact with my painted babies. They get changed maybe once every 3 months or so. I don’t hold them, even though I want to, and it just makes me sad that I can’t seem to enjoy them as much as Id like. I’m just so terrified of ruining them. I honestly think I will be collecting blank kits from now on, that way I’ll be able to change them/hold them as much as I want to without all the stress.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :heart:


I did it for my son. I am planning on painting his baby once I finish up the orders but we fixed up his “Michael” temporarily and he’s been content for the time being.


Aww! What a sweetheart! He looks so happy :heart:


Yeah I did that with my Saskia. He was actually my first reborn I collected (didn’t paint). He was a blank kit, assembled with now eyes for a while :joy::joy:.

Even now, sometimes I like to keep a kit blank for a while because they seem perfect. Painting them can make it better or worse so sometimes I hold off :joy:.

I did this with my Mia Kaplanskaya. I planned on someone else painting her but at that time it seemed impossible. I’m quite particular with what my babies will look like, especially if I’m going to keep them. Also the fact that she’s Limited Edition. So I kept her blank for a while.

I ended up painting her myself and I’m so glad I did because I looove how she turned out!

So no I definitely do not find this weird!


After talking to everyone here, I feel so much better! I thought I was crazy :joy:

Yes! 100% agree with you, there. They do look so perfect when they are blank. I can be rather particular about how I want my babies to look as well. With them being so rare and expensive, I wouldn’t want just anyone to paint them, if I ever did go that route. It seems too that all my favorite artists no longer accept customs, which is completely understandable. Even if I wanted to, I can’t really afford to have them painted at this time anyway, so I think I will just enjoy them as is for now. :heart:


The best sculpts look great even as blanks. :star_struck:
No reason to hold off on enjoying them now!

Do make sure to prewash their clothes esp since they have no protective coating on and dyes can rub off and stain. (That kind of care should be taken with completed reborns as well.)

Feel free to post pix of your unpainted babies too. Everyone enjoys getting better looks at sculpts and it just might inspire someone!


Absolutely! There are just some sculpts that look beautiful even blank!

Thank you for the friendly reminder! I usually do try to avoid dark clothing and dress my babies in lighter colors, but I still like to wash them as well, just to be safe. I will make sure to do that with my blank babies as well. :heart:

I will most definitely share my collection once I have them all assembled and displayed. Currently re-decorating the bedroom where my babies stay, so looking to change up their display to better suit the new look.

Thanks so much to all who have commented! You are all so kind and helpful!