Working on Cookie and Aubrey

I love Cookie! I have loved Cookie forever and now I am finally working on her! she is just the sweetest little thing!

thanks! shes coming along so beautifully!i

I put aubrey away and am almost finished painting cookie she just need matte varnish maybe and her nail tips and eyebrows
so excited she is the best

I can’t wait to see them, Katie!!!

Thanks girls! Here I cookie. I put her eyes in but I kind of down like them what do you think about the eyes? Too light for my taste I think I’d prefer darker eyes

Or maybe they aren’t bad I don’t know

I have some longer hair coming for her through etsy it says not shipped but I hope it is going to soon! Can’t wait to hug her!:slight_smile:

The eyes are beautiful! Leave that color = they look very natural

Great thank you I’m glad you both like them I will stick with them then

I think that the eyes look great with her coloring. Keep posting pics!

Thank you Marlen! She is wearing the 22 mm eyes but I tried fitting them in the front they wont fit so I cut a slit in the back (which seems like what I always end up doing, I am always to scared to get them in the front!).

Marlen, I did Ladybug (same size as Cookie) and I slit the inside to insert the 22 mm eyes. I did back them with felt and glue to keep them in there, but it is secure and the eyes stay put. I used the E6000 on the felt backing

Yes I think 20mm would appear too small. Like Ginny said, the slit is still open a bit, but you can do like she said or for me I just coat with e6000 or actually 2 layers of elmers works for me too!

Katie, you did a beautiful job with her. I love the eye color. Looking forward to seeing her completed.