Woo Hoo ! A big sale at BB again!

Hurry Ladies as we all know these go really fast !!!

nice! i am hoping there will be a rosebud or precious gift on the cheap cheap! or a puddin we will see!

Stuff is going fast. I just got my 2 Kittens.


once again i went to pay for spencer and HE IS ALL GONE!!!
this is not fair! this is the third time i wasnt quick enough! B. B hates me LOL!

Honey I am right there with ya -got a darn phone call and stepped away from the computer and when I came back to check out -GONE !!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!

I had Hannah and Stormy in the cart went to check out Stromy had sold out. So I went ahea and bought Hannah. Last night Stormy was back on sale so I got Stormy and I got him cheaper too !!!

I got mine last night too. I usually don’t get on the computer once I leave work but the old lap top was staring me in the face last night. So I picked it up to play backgammon and instead found me buying kits that were on sale here at BB. So much for playing backgammon.