Womb baby artists?

It’s on Reborns also :rofl:


Haha, it’s just not right


I’ve seen these balloon expander machines used for “wrapping” gifts. Usually with an assortment of gifts on shredded paper or easter grass on the inside, the balloon still inflated and ribbons and a bow on the top of the outside. So it doesn’t have such a shrink wrapped look, just a balloon bearing gifts.

Years ago, my local Walmart used one in the layaway/gift wrapping section. You could make your purchases, and for less than $5. have them arrange the items in a gift wrapping balloon.

Always a hit at parties, even with cheap gifts it makes a great presentation.


In the late 80s, early 90s, it was a big trend in floral shops here to offer the service @EmOh mentioned. My mom had ones done for my sister and me with a Precious Moments doll inside. The balloon stayed inflated for a really long time…I think we finally popped ours after a year! Lol! It was a neat concept and of course everyone wondered how on earth it was done. The balloon in this case, was a large “bubble” around the doll and not tight against it. You definitely needed the special machine!


Yes! One time I was given an artificial rose arrangement inside a heart shaped balloon.

And another gift of a white teddy bear dressed as a clown that was also “gift wrapped” inside a big balloon.

Both were get well gifts when I was in the hospital as a teen decades ago. Good memories. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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