WIP pics

Working on 3 babies at the same time – with Maggie’s encouragement, I’m going to keep going on the HAIR…the hair is the scariest part for me! Just thought you might like to have a peek at them in this stage of development. Long way to go!!

Thank you! I’m trying to go for a more sparse look, but filled in…no bald spots, you know? Some places a little thinner than others, but not shiny bald. I probably make no sense at all, but I want something sort of light and feathery that’s not real thick looking. The pencil leads the way, but the brush finishes the job.

Super cute! I deeply admire anyone who has the bravery to attempt to paint hair.

Beautiful. I love the skin tone. Your painted hair looks great, very natural looking. It sounds like you are using both pencil and paints for the hair. I like the effect it gives.

Thank you! No paint, just pencil and Genesis thinner w/brush.

Thank you for sharing!!
PG happens to be one of my faves!!

The thinner and the skinny brush are the key, along with super-sharp pencils. I work on small sections: pencil, brush, bake, repeat for each section. I think it gives the look of real hair. I’m very pleased with the look I’m able to get, especially since I am absolutely allergic to mohair, no matter whose it is or where it comes from – that, combined with the nerve damage in my hand prohibits me from rooting, sooooooo painted hair it is.

Thank you so much!

Karen, the hair looks wonderful! What color pencil do you use? I found that some colors turn red when I put medium over them,

It’s “espresso” – looks like gray until you start working with it. It won’t turn red, which is great.

Dark brown still turns reddish for me, so I have to pounce a thin layer of blue over it before baking. Black is okay, but espresso is my go-to color & fave.

Babies look great to me! Just send them my way when you are done! Ha, ha, everyone, I called dibs first! I panic everytime I think about painting hair. Or eyebrows! Rooting them is so much easier. I’ll try to remember adding the thin layer of blue to tone down the reds if I ever get brave. Thanks for the tips!

DJ, you’re so sweet – baby heads on their way –

If you try the blue, just make sure it’s really really then, doesn’t take much at all.

Thank you for your kind words!