WIP Kimberly, nearly done

I am trying to decide if I need to do a burnt umber wash or a yellow ochre wash. I want her to be pale, but not lifeless.




I just need to do a couple more blush layers, lips, ears, nails. I don’t know what else. Any tips?


I would try a light burnt umber wash to warm it up a bit. I like your strawberry and cream skin tones and wouldn’t make it too much warmer.


Thanks! I knew I was forgetting something! I want to try out a new crease color on her.


Don’t use yellow ochre. Do a light burnt umber :slight_smile: I love your colors right now… Soft and realistic:-) a little warmth will tie everything together:-)


Ever think of maybe a salmon-y wash???

@cherielynn09 i have never heard of a salmon wash. What would it do? Im assuming it would be similar to a red wash, which would pink her up some more.

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