WIP Custom Jamina By Petra Seiffert

Just sharing my custom Jamina. Please ignore the missing eyes lol. She will be sent home as a custom painted kit only. Mom is also a reborn artist so she is going to finish her rooting and assembly up once I finish painting her.


She’s adorable!

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Very nicely done.

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Thank you all. I just have a bit of shading and creases to do. I’m not sure if mom will want her darker or not.

She’s cute! Her lip color is really nice!


Great job. You do a great job on keeping your color so consistent and smooth.

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Thanks everyone

What color eyes are you going to use. Just luv her coloring.

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Well mom hasn’t decided yet. Me personally say a light brown or hazel color. Thank you.

Sharing an update on this little girl. She still isn’t finished. I can’t wait to finish her and get her to her mommy. She’s so adorable. Like I mentioned she will be a painted kit only. Her mom is going to finish the rest since she is also an artist.

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