Winning a prototype contest

I know some of you here have done prototypes. When you win a prototype contest do they give you the kit you’re going to paint or do you have to buy it?

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My understanding is you buy and paint the kit then submit your pics for the contest.

I mean if you win the contest and are selected to paint an unreleased kit.

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When you win a prototype contest or asked to do one by the sculptor there’s “special” prototype kits. They are produced before the kit is released. Some have their own COAs but most do not have one at all. Usually there are 2-5 prototype kit. Sometimes there is just one and other times 7. BUT anyway the kits are sent and you don’t have to purchase it from experience :blush:


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The sculptor gives you the kits for free . You sell it and you get whatever the bid is on eBay . Then you advertise the kit with your reborned doll


But a prototype contest is not the same as being asked to do a prototype.

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Most the time the winner is offered to do a prototype of a upcoming kit

She just wanted to know if the winner has to buy the kit or if it is provided in that situation.