WIN FREE PACIFIERS <3 Honeybug Valentine Competition

It’s competition time again :slight_smile: I am looking for the most cutest VALENTINE outfit with a matching Honeybug pacifier with, or without the Sprinkles. It could be any colour Cutie-pie, Sweetdreams or Sweetheart range pacifier, with or without the Sprinkle (as long as it match your beautiful VALENTINE outfit) and stand a chance to win a Honeybug hamper worth 100 USD. (free shipping world wide)
2 Photos needed - full body photo to showcase the outfit with pacifier and another photo close-up face with matching pacifier
Competition end 13/2/2017 and will be announced afternoon of 14/2/2017. 2 PearlyBugs will be the judges :slight_smile:
Please enter your 2 photos on the original Facebook post. Only entries on this post will be accepted.
Have a wonderful day and hope it’s filled with lots of Honeybug love :slight_smile:
Debbie xxx

All colors in stock now!


I suppose this is the right link? :wink:


Thank you <3

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