Will a sitting tibby body work on a standing tibby

Thanks in advance if anyone knows

With the disc joints she won’t be able to stand. She could only sit with her legs outstretched or if you prop her up under her armpits or something similar.
You won’t be able to put an armature from the torso into the legs either.

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I have both bodies laying around and just compared them. The difference is in the legs. The sitting body is jointed, and the standing body is just a smooth cut to the leg holes. If you use an armature the doll probably would be able to still stand, but it would fall over without an armature. Without an armature it will be a straight legged sitting doll. Size wise the limbs would fit.


Thank you , I can’t find a standing body bb is sold out, I do have the armature but never used it before so was not sure if it would work or not.

Hi thank you dee dee doesn’t think i could use the armature with the sitting body because of the joints you couldn’t get them through from the body to the legs.
She probably would not stand up very well without the armature in the sitting body. ( at least that is what I am guessing too. .

Thank you for the help
I appreciate it .

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Oh, crap! I see what you mean! That sucks as I wanted to use an armature on the sitting Tibby to give me more leg an arm movement/poses … maybe there is a way modify the body. :frowning:

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