Wig for 26" toddler?

I have a customer asking for a custom made Romee with a wig. Where can I find a wig for Romee? I have only found secrist wigs, and the only one that looks halfway decent is “Jessica hair style”.

What’s her head size? Try monique.com The Angelica wig is cute and baby-ish.

Masterpiece doll wigs on ebay for $25. They aren’t bad wigs either as far as cheap wigs go. They fit Emmy nicely and would probably fit a 26 inch doll. They are long so if you want it baby looking you will need to cut it or have it cut. I took mine to my beautician. Yes…they all looked at me like I was crazy but it worked.,

Those are the wigs I was looking for, thank you! The buyer changed her mind and wants Madeleine, so it will work perfectly.