Whose limbs?

Who’s limbs are these? I can figure it out!

Looks like Lainey’s arms not sure if the legs are Lainey’s though but the creases and feet look similar but bb doesn’t have a good picture of Lainey’s legs above the knee.

They favour Adrie Stoete limbs but not 100% sure. I haven’t done any of her kits in a while but they do look like some of hers…

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Maybe if you tell us what babies you are working on we may be able to tell you which baby they go to.

I know they are bb limbs… They were in a huge crate of dolls… No head.

They have a weird bend at the top… Like full legs but maybe side loading? Does that exist?

They definitely look like Adrie’s to me, too.


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Hmmmm , I guess I just need to know what body to order for the weird leg tops. And what size head… Lol

They look more like Rose Stoete’s limbs. Are they rather small?

No! They look like they would fit a 20 incher. I put them with a Sadie head and they look like they fit her. Is there a such thing as full leg side loader body?

Yes. There are side-load bodies for full legs.
I’ve done several Adrie babies. These look so familiar to me.

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A front-load body may work since the caps aren’t that pronounced. Do you have one of the BB Realborn bodies there to check?

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Adrie does mix and match limbs to fit 18 inch babies. those might be some of those but they sort of look like some from some of her older 20 inch kits…
They are side load full limbs…Yes, there is definitely such thing and you can get bodies to suit them…I think sugar and honey have the same sort of full side load limbs so if they would fit a 20" bubs you could use one of the bodies recommended for them. hope that helps :smile:


Ok! Thank you so much! At least I know I can order a body. Bb doesn’t have any dolls with legs like that?

None that I know of. Does it feel like BB vinyl or have the kit name on it? I believe they mark all of their kits.
Adrie’s vinyl has more of a soft, rubbery feel to it.

DollsbySandie has these Adrie bodies:

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I will have to do a feel check! And yes, I have a realborn body to try:-) thank you!


Looks like Adrie’s to me too. I have a Serah kit and she’s more orangey peach than the BB kits. Also rubbery, a different kind of soft than BB.