Who's leg?

Every time I order from bountiful baby I get a few test limbs. Just to have on hand and the thrill just to see what I get. Well I got 3 month Joseph arm and this humongous hoss of a leg!! Who’s leg is it? It says bountiful baby 2012 JD495

Looks like Juan/Hailey

Oh ok. Thank you! It’s huge. I’ve never seen a Juan/Haley in person. I thought Tibby had big limbs. I use a Tibby arm to do behavioral tests on my foster dogs/cats.


Does it say on the flange? Here are some pics of a Hailey I did

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Wow! At least you’ve got plenty of room to practice techniques on! :rofl:

No it says bountiful baby 2012 JD495. I think it is Juan/Haileys leg

Yes ! I’m practicing veining on it. I really suck at veins lol

Juan/Hailey limbs are GIGANTIC! I switched them for Arianna limbs by Reva Schick. They’re much more proportionate.