Who sells dolls without eyelashes?

New babies have often such short and light colored eyelashes that they are almost invisible. I remember some people saying that they do not put eyelashes on their babies, and I just wonder if it is harder to sell them? Do people complain? Do you mention it in the description?

I am getting lazy…


Four years ago, when I started reborning, I didn’t know how to root lashes, so my first half a dozen babies didn’t have any. Then I learned to root them, and now I root all, some very sparsely if they are newborn or preemie. My doll sales did improve when I began rooting them. I notice a huge difference in realism when I root lashes on my babies.

Well, this was my granddaughter only few weeks old, with her gooseberry stubble instead of hair and pale very short eyelashes. Now she has black long eyelashes and is rather blond :slight_smile:


I’ve seen some with dark eyelashes and some with almost invisible :slight_smile: This is baby Henry at 5 days, his are quite hard to see.

And baby Carson at 6 days


Granted, they’re often very fine, but babies DO have eyelashes. On a sleeping baby, a light line of paint along the crease between the lids can give the illusion of eyelashes. I think open eyed babies need real ones. JMO

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Very interesting question… in dolls, I always prefer having lashes… somehow, the baby feels incomplete without it.

However, I went back and looked at my daughter and son’s newborn pictures and I can’t see any eyelashes on either of them, but maybe it’s because we’re Asian. :slight_smile:

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Lashes tend to not show that much on real babies. But I’d think costumers want dolls with lashes.
People tend to want to buy babies that look like their idea of what a baby looks like, which isn’t always the same as what a real baby looks like. If that makes any sense.

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Thanks for all the replies. Funny, when I first started reborning, many people put long eyelashes on their babies; I mean really long, almost to the eyebrows. And the eyebrows were often like a fury caterpillars sitting on the forehead. I do root my eyelashes now, and trim them so they are hardly noticeable, and I do do eyebrows very faint.

OK, I will put some lashes on this baby :slight_smile:

I recently sold a baby with no lashes. She was a boo-boo, so very inexpensive. But no matter how I tried…applied, rooted, even painted…nothing looked right. She had those very round, thick upper eyelids. I ended up just noting it in the listing. That said, almost all babies are better with lashes, (IMO :slight_smile:); at the very least, sparse, short ones.

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I agree that babies are better with lashes. These are the fine details that make these amazing reborns stand out from any other doll. The more you look, the more details you find. If you think back to the first reborn you encountered or when you saw another artists work up close, you probably remember inspecting that baby and finding more and more details the longer you looked at it. Even if tiny, faint lashes are appropriate for that particular reborn, I think going ahead and adding them adds to the realism and quality of your work.

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I have, on occasion, used the lower lashes from the larger sets on the smaller dolls. They’re already shorter so you don’t have to trim them. If I use the upper lashes on a bigger, open eyed baby, I just paint the lower ones. I’ve never gotten the hang of rooting open eyed babies. Maybe someday.

I root mine sparsely, most of the time. I’ve seen some reborns that have what look like long, thick planks sticking out of their eyes, and a super model might envy those. :smiley: When my son was born his lashes were so tiny and fine that they were almost invisible unless one looked very close up.

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I used to not. Then I learned how to root eyelashes and I’m never going back.
No it’s not harder to sell them. No, I don’t mention it in the description. But I do take close up photos so people can see whether or not there are lashes. I have only had one person complain that the lashes came off–she admitted that this occurred after her daughter had been “playing” with the lashes