Who here does custom work?

Anyone here that does custom work get in touch with me,I have someone who wants a special order doll but I’m not sure I am ready for that challenge would like to talk to someone who does them already.

I do them. What is your customer looking for? Size, skin tone, open or closed eyes, rooted or painted hair, boy or girl, ?anatomically correct,?

Sent you a message!

Are you wanting someone else to do them for her or are you wanting advice about doing the custom order yourself? I am in Oz so not emailing about doing the custom doll for them - already booked till the end of April anyway…lol but if you just need some help along the way, there are quite a few of us who do them who can give you advice and help… :smile:


No I was looking for someone to do a custom.I think we have it taken care of now hopefully :slight_smile: Thanks!

Goodo! just wanted to be sure that you got what you were looking for…Glad you found someone :smile:

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