Who are you painting/rooting right now?

painting 2 Katie Marie customs and Tatty Schick ready made and finishing a custom Vivian Leigh


I’m rooting a Saskia, and finishing rooting Julia. Have to put Julia together. Also working in my contest baby


Awe poor little thing :cry:. She will be in my prayers. I’m sure she will love her doll :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve been making patterns, cutting patterns, cutting fabric and talking my head off in here today.
I just realized I have a body for my little Liam so I can actually assemble a baby today too! That’s exciting! I’ve been reborning non stop since December and have only completed and assembled 1 baby! Lol.


Awe, what a lovely thing to do. Im sure that will help her to identify with her baby doll.

She came out really cute and Im wishing I had limbs for her but I can always do her again later with a set. She will make a cute cuddle baby. She will be my very first cuddle baby as well. Im hoping to have her finished by this weekend…Ill post her as soon as I finish :blush:


I’m home sick and this is the first day I felt good enough to paint a little. Did one layer on Harlow Ross and then back to the couch! I might try to do some more rooting on my Jennie tonight. I’m so happy I feel like I can breathe again. I love oxygen lol!


I’m working on Skya and Ramsey. Hoping to get many layers done this week since no rain is forecasted until the weekend.:clap:


I am still working on Brittany, and I started doing Tayla. I am trying to get some lighter skin tones with Tayla, but it is not working out so well.


I just finished rooting Ephram, I’m almost done with a vinyl repair for someone, halfway through a portrait baby, then I’ll be ready to start my Easter challenge baby-washed and ready to go.


I am working on Chase, Ashley, and Skya

Just finished Adalyn (2nd one) yesterday and shipped her off today.
And assembled a newborn Joseph asleep that I painted awhile ago. I used powders but they were not the recommended colors and one had a shimmer in it, so not my favorite.


Aw I love your Adelyn-So pretty

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He’s very cute…I love his little piggies :smile:
I need to do my Adalyn, maybe Ill pull her out next :wink:

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Thanks ladies :slight_smile:

I need to fix up her hairline and then get her put together

Saskia is ready for hair


I was going through my kit stash today looking for the next kit to “call” me to paint it. I had a few ideas of who might step forward, but much to my surprise, big Joseph jumped out at me! I’ve never been a fan of this kit, as I’m one of those strange few people who are really put off by his limbs. The only reason I have him is because I snagged a few test heads a while ago, and big Joe’s head was in there. I’m going to use Grant limbs for him. He’s washed and drying, now I can’t wait to get started!


I don’t like his limbs either. Good idea to switch them out!


He’s one of my least favorite kits. I’m the odd one on this lol


I’m not painting or rooting but I wish I was. I am instead recuperating from a nasty cold, I’m also packing, making storage runs, and reeling from today’s news that my car needs a transmission rebuild that I cannot afford.

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Isn’t this big Joe the one that sold out in a day or less? I thought he was a HUGE hit with everyone.

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