White Darren vinyl

This is my first Darren head only. I purchased it about one months ago. I was surprised at the color, very pale. It is soft vinyl, but I have already stripped it once. It took the paint very strangelyalmost no color absorption. By the time it was beginning to take color I had used to much pink. This time I am using Golden Matte Medium first. Has anyone else recently painted a new Darren with similar results? I use air dry, mostly Golden.

Is the paint beading up? There’s a matte gel from Waterborne that gives a better “grip” to vinyl that doesn’t want to take paint. It makes Prisma take really well, too!

No that’s the strange thing it hasn’t done that. It’s like someone has come in and watered down my paints, the vinyl just seem to not absorb the color. I took some photos but for some reason I couldn’t upload. I have added some colors since I stripped, but my frustration meant I needed to stop for the night. Something strange is going on with me this past month, I just keep stripping my dolls over and over, just not satisfied with the end product sounds crazy making. Darren is a completely different problem. His vinyl is soft but the texture seems different than any other BB baby I have painted.

I had the same problem with Darren heads. I’d paint then bake, the next day the color was gone. I have never used so much paint on one head then that one.

Good to know I’m not crazy. Did you sell Darren, do you think his paint gets lighter, but stops after a day or so?

Ugh…good to know. I’m starting Darren in my next batch. His vinyl does seem very pale.

I’ve had this with other kits. It’s so frustrating! It’s like I’m just painting with water and I just don’t get it.

Thanks for your reply, it makes it a little easier to carry on

Well good luck!

I did sell him. It finally reached the point where I was happy with the color and it held so I sealed. Actually I bought two Darren heads. I’m working on the other right now. That one has reached the point of holding paint as well.