Which reborn supplier ships fastest?

When you ladies need something pretty quickly, who do you order from?

Bountiful baby is the fastest.


Yep Bountiful Baby is the fastest with the best customer service!


Thanks much…I haven’t been able to find the eyes I have needed so far on Bountiful Baby. But I will keep trying.

Dollsbysandie also ships pretty fast

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Also Dolls So Real!


What eyes are you looking for?

Mary Jane, I needed 20mm brown half round. I have ordered them from Ebay though. Thank You. :slight_smile: I am just spoiled to two day shipping from Amazon. :frowning:

Glad you found what you needed.BB is pretty quick.They will be there before you know it.

So good to know. :slight_smile:

Last ones I got off Ebay were slow to arrive.Keep in mind that if BB has it ,it will come fast.Also is BB is out of something ,ask around the forum,sometimes one of us will have extras .

Oh my…thanks. I should probably just get a few to have on hand. :slight_smile:

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Dolls so real and Dolls by Sandie is where Imtypically purchase my eyes.


Thanks much :slight_smile:

Yes BB best

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BB for sure!