Which little Elly Knoops baby have I bought?

Hi ladies,

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this little one but I’m not sure who she is. She reminds me of Chrissy or Bibi, but she could be a completely different baby. Any ideas who she might be please?




That one looks like Hannah to me

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ooh, interesting. I hadn’t come across that one on my Google search. Thank you, Starr xx

When she arrives, I’ll take a clearer photo and post it for you to see :blush:

The mouth doesn’t look right for Hanna. I think its Daphne.


The mouth is a pretty good match for Daphne, isn’t it? Whichever one she is, I think she’s going to make a pretty little baby. I hope I can do her justice :blush:

I think it’s Daphne.

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You are right! It is Daphne…I just took a shot in the dark…haven’t looked at her kits in a while and had forgotten about little Daphine…(Most her kits favour an awful lot too…I should have gone and done a search before commenting…lol)

Sorry about that Sam!


Aw, thank you, Starr xx I was finding it pretty difficult myself to be honest :blush:

She should be here in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to her arrival.

Well, she arrived this morning and she is indeed Daphne. It’s written on the back of her neck :blush:

I’ve had to remove some leftover paint with isopropyl alcohol. She had dark blue paint inside her head behind her nose and eyes, so I removed as much of that as I could. She’s currently sitting on the windowsill with Oxy 10 across her little eyes to get rid of a few dark marks, bless her.

She has just the sweetest little face. I’m looking forward to bringing her to life :grinning: