Which kit looks like my daughter?

Hi, I’m about to begin on my third reborn. I’d like to give a shot at making one that resembles my daughter when she was a newborn.
I’ve seen the posts where people help find kits that resemble pictures, and you guys are so good at that, so I’m hoping you can help me.
Any kit, from any supplier/sculpter…
Here’s my little girl…


She looks a lot like BB’s Crystal. Unfortunately they have been out of this kit for a long time,

The top picture looks like Gemma. The bottom one looks like Rosebud.

A definite resemblance.


I think she looks like a kit I just finished .

My first thought was BB Crystal.

Oh geeze, BB’s Crystal is indeed a perfect match. But I can’t find the kit anywhere. It’s not on ebay or any of the sites I found while googling. :frowning:

You can request that BB email you as soon as Crystal is back in stock.

Thanks, I will do that now

I’m feeling by crystal kit, if any others come to mind I will come back and let you know

the first one looks a bit like Lexi Winters- she also looks like Bella Strydom- but that would be hard to find

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