Where to sell in Europe

Ive been holding onto my finished babies…also Ive been slow in the hair department…hoping to come up with a new way to sell. I really don’t want to deal with eBay again. Does anyone know if there is a better way? I have posted some on my regular Facebook page but most of my friends are American (Im American and I live in France) so I was thinking maybe I should set up a FB page for only my babies, in French? My French is limited but my husband is French so I suppose he could handle it for me. I can’t see that setting up a web site for my nursery would be very fruitful considering Ive only sold one doll on eBay. I don’t like how much money eBay takes so I just have avoided listing any more dolls on there. Just want to add that Im not in a major hurry or out to get rich :wink:

Are there any French websites where you can sell secondhand items and the like?
I know of a Dutch and a Flemmish one where people also sell their reborns. It’s how I’ve always sold mine.

Yes, there is one called leboncoin and we noticed that people were selling reborn there. I think maybe we should try it again but we did not have any luck when I posted my Landon. That may be ok for the time being but I don’t know if it will be a long term solution. I thought about Etsy as well but I don’t want to pay out money while Im just getting started.

You could try reborns.com People sell internationally there and there’s only a monthly membership fee-from $4.99 for Bronze membership to $19.99 for Gold. All of my babies that have sold there have been at the bronze level. The only other fees are PayPal, which are reasonable. Many people here don’t ship internationally so you might do well there.


Ok, maybe Ill go ahead and try that, I wondered about that but didnt know if Id have any luck, thanks for the advice :slight_smile: