Where to get a

Where can I get a tiny carrier for Caleb?
I can use a doll one(he’s so tiny) but I don’t want to pay a huge amount, I used to have the perfect one that I used to carry around my big(read: heavy) Ball joint doll, but I got rid of it years ago(and have regretted it since). it was a hand-me-down from one of my mum’s doll friends so I have no idea where it came from.

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Joovey makes really nice quality car seats for dolls.


This may not be the type of carrier/bed you’re looking for ,but these are pretty cute.

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Walmart usually has dolly infant seats for $10 around Christmas time. The rest of the year inexpensive ones are really hard to find.

yes Joovey, you can purchase from their webpage or Toys R Us has carried them as well. Very sturdy and well worth the money spent.

I wouldn’t try to get one to fit Caleb. He’s a micro-preemie, so I like it when you have to use the real thing like you would if he was a real baby. If you use a doll carrier, unless he’s for a child, the carrier will be out of proportion with you and will make Caleb seem more doll-like.


joovey sells great products as mentioned above they are made great sturdy and look feel and act like the real thing
bought my grandaughter a joovey car seat three years ago its still like brand new