Where to find Vintage look Pacifiers & accessories?

I’ve kinda half been looking but not actively but I’d like some for props and I’ve seen a few around. Ideally the orange color all rubber paci’s. Or the orange nipples solid round base.

I can’t describe what I’m talking about lol. I’ve seen them in a lot of European prototype photos. But since I can’t describe them I can’t really search online either lol

Just search for vintage pacifier?

Try Etsy.

Yes! That’s it!

Also led me to the other one I was looking for :heart_eyes:Natursutten Small 0-6 mo, Natural Rubber Pacifier, Butterfly Shield, Rounded Nipple Amazon.com


Sweetie on amazon is a lot cheaper…I know this because one of my favorite girls takes them. The bibs brand have a very sweet vintage look too.

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I’ll check it out! Thank you :heart_eyes:

Duh! I didn’t even realize there was more than one link until I went back to it! Goldmine!

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