Where to buy colored shipping boxes

Does anyone know where you can buy colored shipping boxes to fit our babies. I hate sending babies in plain brown boxes. The only places I have found do not come big enough.

Maybe try Amazon. Don’t know if they have them though.

I wrap mine.

Uline.com has them.

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I have wrapped them as well but just make sure that you write the address and return address on the actual box before shipping as I have had the paper ripped off in places in transit and if the address part goes missing you will have a missing parcel that goes to lost and found and is rarely ever found…another way is to use lots of tape and make sure that the tape covers the entire address section and is taped fully round the box so that if the other paper tears, the address will stay in place…


I like @Blissfulbabies idea of wrapping the box. I think I’d get just as tired of seeing the same colored boxes as I would the plain. Brown. And with wrapping paper you can tailor it to a special event; birthday, holidays etc. And never get bored seeing it. That said, uline has the best prices I’ve found so far on the regular brown boxes in the right size

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