Where is the best place for a label?

I ordered labels for my dolls. I want to iron them on somewhere. Where would be the best place? Under the arm running along a seam or on the lower back or under the neck area. I am thinking under the arm along a seam on the backside of the doeskin. Any thoughts?

Also has anyone experienced with iron on labels and methods to secure them? Like as in ironing, hot guning the back and sticking it on or sewing them on? I saw one artist who just puts a paper label on the lower back.

One of my keepers came with an embroidered label on her bum. Not sure where it would be best to put it though. I’d imagine iron on would be the easiest option but sewing would work just as well

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I would put it on the back somewhere. Under the arm may have ink transfer if they have the reborn unclothed for some reason… ? maybe…


On the bum perhaps?

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I would put it on the lower back/bottom. I think that would be the least noticeable with all clothing options. Under the arm might show with certain clothes.

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I think on the bum like a cabbage patch kid would be cute!

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I agree with the bum/lower back area

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Tush for sure!

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I agree with the others, down on the tushie.

What do you think?


Looks great!

Looks cute and a good idea too.

The reason I got the labels is so down the line, people don’t wonder who made her. It is a clear way to identify my doll with my nursery and name and when a person down the line wants to buy another they will easily be able to remember my name. I spent under 40 bucks for 50 labels which should last for a while, but I noticed there are cheaper labels. I just wanted to make mine look a specific way. I have a thing for hot pink and I liked the two hearts, they reminded me of a mommy and baby. They were a bit hard to iron on, especially the corners, specifically due to the plastic joints of the doll being in the way, but the tip of the iron worked pretty good. I will also say, I attempted to peel it up and it did come off easily and not damage the doeskin fabric, so if a client did not want the label there, they could easily peel it off. I might get some custom ribbon for my nursery made to wrap around my doll too.

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