WHERE IS KIMI ? Ask the dog!

Waiting for my first doll Kimi to arrive .
Happen to look out my back door to the porch only my mastiffs use and see a doll leg…thought it was fron a used doll i had and che gotten the leg from someplace.Then hit me NEW DOLL KIT WAS DELIVERED!! NO NO NO!!!
Driver put box on that porch and my male tore up the box and had babys parts all over !!
One leg i couldnt find heart in throat walked the back yard 3 times no coat on frost all over looking for that leg !Nothing.
Found it in the dog house…Unbelievable he didnt chew on ONE PART!!I was sure that last leg would be a leg with no foot or in his belly…but no!! perfect!!.Now i wonder how long that box sat on that p orch!! gggrrr.
I got lucky with this i think unless scratches show up when i paint … fingers crossed Need a big red X on that gate!


What kind of mastiffs do you have??? I grew up with DOUGE BE BOURDEAUXS!!! Sorry about Kimi:-( BUT I :heart:️mastiffs!!!

I have 3 English.
Great huge friendly dogs but this guy Jackson is hard on material things and smaller animals .
Uses his fat nose like a hand opens sliding door puts big holes in my screens opens the storm door can jump a 4 foot fence no problem stands on chairs all 4 feet like an elephant on a drum.Too smart for his own good.
My one girl Sophie is such an ANGEL though rarely gets in trouble.Sweetest dog ever was.Everyones favorite. .well Im off doll topic except he tore up the box


Oh no!!! :0(

I hope all your doll parts are OK. I have to baby proof my house because I have a 2yr old mini pincher/rat terrier that tears up almost anything. Pin cushions, pot holders, mail, checkbooks and his favorite is stuffed toys. I’ve woken up to stuffing strung all down my hall way. But what is really funny is that he never touches my dolls. He has no interest in them thank goodness!


I wonder how much money we put out in a dogs lifetime on repairs and rebuying. I wonder… since neither yours ir mine chewed the doll parts …if some chemical they are made with…makes them dog proof?.Idk but makes me happy he didnt The box was in shreds!


Roxanne, you are one lucky woman! I can’t believe he didn’t eat a toe or two. Wow!! :smile:


Thanks for the info.
Yes i was more suprised when i found it unharmed Dogs used to chew up my grand daughter Barbies like t hey
were stew meat.Always a foot gone or fingersso this was happily shocking.I really only see one scratch top of the head where it wont show and not deep.