Where do I go from here?

I have a pre-order kit that shipped from vendor’s store on June 27th. Tracking shows only that the package was picked up, went through the sorting facility and departed the post office in CO all on the 27th. After that all tracking came to a halt. I contacted the seller a couple of weeks back , she responded the following day to let me know she’d filed a lost package claim with the PO, I’d filed one also the day before. To date there has been no word from the post office or vendor as to what’s going on. I’m assuming that the package hasn’t been found because it hasn’t made it here yet, and I’m at a lost at to what I should do next. I don’t want to be out of $100+ for a kit I’m not going to receive, my first thought is to file a paypal claim before it gets too late, but at the same time it’s not the vendors fault that the post office lost the package and for her to eat the cost. Has anyone gone through anything similar, if so, what did you do? Did you file with paypal, wait …chalk it up as a loss? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I would be calling the postal service and demand explanation. If the parcel cannot be found it is the seller’s responsibility to refund, so ask them for refund first, if they do not then open PP claim. The seller may be able to claim on insurance, but if they did not insure or under insure that is their problem.


I agree with Ludmila.

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I did have a Berenguer doll stolen out of my mailbox once. I bought it on eBay and thankfully from a very kind seller! I let her know what happened, she filled a claim, and I had a refund within a week or so. I wonder if the vendor filed the claim? Even if she did though she still may take some loss since usually priority covers up to $50 insurance. I’d definitely get back in touch with vendor. It shouldn’t take long to receive compensation once claim is filed…

Thank you ladies for the guidance. I’ll def8nitely send the vendor a message today then go from there. In a percfect world I just hope they find it lol.

Ok so I was able to talk to a live person finally at USPS and they told me they have no record of an investigation or claim being filed for the tracking number of my package, and could only see the missing mail search I filed. I’m panicking cause it’s getting down to the 45 day wire to file a paypal claim.

In that case file the claim by day 43 (just to be on the safe side), that will give you more time. But that is weird that he seller said they lodged lost parcel claim and it looks like that they did not.

It Worked…LOOK!
I woke up this morning to an email telling me my package had been located and will start on it’s journey home. Not sure how it got stuck wherever it was but it’s leaving from a different city thank where the original tracking showed it stopped. Either way, that call yesterday to the PO opening the investigation seemed to work. Thank you guys for your help and suggestions.


Hope it will arrive in next few days :slight_smile:

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Have you received the package, yet?

Sorry I forgot to update yep she finally arrive day before yesterday. The address information and everything was totally correct there’s no logical explanation as to how it ended up where they found it…just a post office hiccup I guess.