Where can I find?

Where has everyone been getting their glass eyes at lately? I like BB’s flat back round eyes, but they are rarely in stock, and a lot of the colors got discontinued. Does anyone else have these same look of eyes? Doll Dreams used to sell ones that were almost identical in blue-gray, gray, and other colors. It seems good glass eyes are getting a lot harder to find. I look on ebay, and some supply sites, but so many have weird looks or designs in them. I saw some that were pretty nice, but not in the US. I need to find a place that sells nice glass eyes in the US, so when I want them to ship faster. I buy occasionally out of the US, but one place took almost 4 weeks to arrive.

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Pabol has some beautiful eyes and they’ll send you samples one time.

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I’m actually looking for higher quality round flat back ones, the oval ones don’t fit flush up to the socket on most kits.


I got half round flat back eyes from Pabol.

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Mary Jen on Facebook has them she will send you samples. It take me about 10 days to receive them after she ships

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Sorry she’s not in US thought

Mary Jen sells the Pabol eyes. They’re really very nice and there’s a large selection.

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Th good glass eyes are made in Germany, the best come from the Lauschaer company, but they do not have stock, they only make them as you order them, so it takes several weeks, I have waited couple of months for some of my orders. I always order about dozen, that also saves on postage, and I have always nice selection handy.


Where do I order Pabol eyes? Is there a regular website besides Facebook?

As far as I know you just order on Facebook. If I could figure it out, anybody can! :yum: