Where can i find Mohair

where can i find this type of mohair :frowning: no one seems to know


This may work for the second picture.

Look like human hair

I actually have some of that and it is BAD! Hard to root, stains the vinyl, and just ends up frizzy instead of curly. I used it on this Clyde. Then I threw the rest away. :confused:

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That “Mohair” is more for felting not the best quality for rooting.


I bet human hair was used.

I would suggest both Silk Effex or Angela Sprott for curly mohair.


will it stay curly or will the curls come out ?

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@lastingmemories roots lots of AA babies. She might have some suggestions for you? @sugargliderus on this forum processes AMAZING mohair and she might have something that would work well for you!

I don’t know, when I used it. I cut it short.

Really, I used it once before, but cut it short.

@specialmoments what about the hair on your Sunny?

I washed mine before I used it. And I straightened the end before I rooted with it…

I use Angela Sprott’s mohair for my AA babies. Here is a picture of what it looks like when I root it


The hair on my Sunny was from Angela. This was a looser curly hair

Hair I used. It did root lighter


I used Silk Effex for this one.


Check eBay for Katie Messou AA human hair toddler curls. I’ve used them before and was very pleased.

I washed it 3 times before rooting it. It still stained his scalp, ears, forehead, and neck. I had to sell him super cheap because I couldn’t get the black off the vinyl. :confused:

Oh wow, I’m sorry it stained the kit.

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