Where are you buying mohair now?

I have bought sugargliderus, Angela Sprott and Tina’s hair- which I can’t seem to get a hold of- where are other places to go?? Thanks!- I will buy from Ebay if I get a recommendation.

I guess I should have stocked up! Now I definitely need to call the lady in the area that raises alpacas. After all a baby doesn’t need that much hair! I really haven’t tried to get any from sugarglidersus this year since I’ve been in a reborning slump. Is she still selling on here? Last year I was able to get it from her anytime by giving her a little notice.

Angela Sprott sells on etsy.

NO, their price is between $18 - $22 for 1/4oz.; their mohair is one of the best.

Okay thanks for the tips all!