Where are my babies?

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Nevin posted that they are behind on shipping, but I ordered Presley Awake on Wednesday and I have not received notice of shipping yet. Anyone else received theirs? How long did it take to get notification? I am not ready to start on the kits yet, but just curious because BB is usually SO fast that I am a bit spoiled.

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Well - I just got an email notification that a label has been created. I am guessing it is for the Awake since the Asleep was ordered later.

I got my shipping notification on Wednesday. Presley Awake is now in San Francisco (which is the opposite direction from me, but I guess that’s the closest major international shipping hub, and frankly I prefer that to the potential horrors of Chicago). Hope to see him next week.

I ordered mine on the 22nd and got them today the 27th. I know it’s so hard to wait… I was checking the mail - I had seen that they had been shipped out. I ordered a couple other babies also. Now I am torn on what I want to do first. I really need to finish the baby that I started. Also I had seen where some were asking questions about different hands. Here is an idea - order different ones - but so the baby doesn’t loose any value - send the ones that belong with him w/institutions on how to change them if they like. If you are doing it for one you want to keep. I would just keep the original ones in a safe place… just a thought

I ordered mine on Monday too as soon as I noticed he was for sale. He just arrived today with shipping and ‘realborn’ box in excellent condition. I forgot about him so was very surprised and very excited when I opened the door and he was here. I will be keeping the outer shipping box. It’s an excellent size and shape to ship a bigger baby plus accessories. :slight_smile:

I got mine yesterday, in perfect condition.

I ordered mine on 22nd and received them yesterday.

I ordered after you ladies that have already gotten your kits. I wasn’t going to buy PRESLEY Awake and then for some reason jumped on the bandwagon after all.