When something goes wrong, and wrong and wrong

Just had couple of those weeks, and and top of it I am having reborning dramas
I have here number of my keepers sitting around with their little hats waiting to be rooted, and some are also waiting for me to get just the right mohair. Because I do not want them all the same colour; actually I want each to have different hair, and that is not easy. LOL
For my Anastasia (Krista by LM) I got light blue Lauschaer eyes and I want her to be light golden blond, with lovely long ringlets, and I bought several lots and none looks right. Then finally some time ago I came across beautiful looking mohair that also looked like perfect colour, and at price that looked very good (for some reason I thought it was 1 oz but it was 1/2oz - my fault). Anyway, it took some 5 weeks to arrive and at first glance it was the perfect colour. I was so happy with it I immediately took it out of the bag to run my fingers through the silky locks, only to end up with slight oiliness on my hands. That was bit disappointing, for mohair that was priced at the top of premium price, and I notified the seller, and went to wash it, furious that I paid so much for mohair that is not professionally done. It was in several bundles and as I started to rinse the first one it changed colour. It went very pale and I noticed there is a whole strand of dark grey in the middle! Now I washed the whole lot and the whole lot has lost its slight golden glow; it is just very pale almost white; it is still beautiful mohair but not worth the money considering I will be throwing out the grey locks.

Then the material for my hood for the pram arrived and the colour, which looked really lovely baby blue in the photo, is very pale and almost grey. And there are white marks all over it as it was folded, and some older marks where it was folded previously. I do not think I want to use it even if it was perfect because the colour is not what I imagined. So that is another $50 down the drain. To send any of these items back o/s costs more than I paid for them, so I did not even bother contacting this seller.

While wasting my time dealing with the mohair instead finishing the baby that I was hoping to list yesterday, I have only just washed her hair, and as i was going to stuff her head, the magnet fell off. So now I am waiting for the glue to set.

Oh, and I sold a baby!!! I decided to reduce one of my listed babies so something would sell; I do not like to have too many listed. This one was there for so long that I forgot I had him listed with several outfits; oh well this lady is getting a real bargain, well bellow cost. Never mind, I still have whole huge cupboard full of baby clothes LOL

What else can go wrong - oh, yes, I forgot, I took off some brackets from the pram and now cannot find them Fortunately, I only got off 2 out of the 4, so if I need to have them made for me, I can show the man what they look like.

I really hate days like that. Fortunately it is rare for there to be many of them. Still it sounds as though you were able to smile through your frustration, and that is a good thing. I hope that tomorrow is a fantastic day for you.

Ludmilla, you poor thing. It never rains: it pours! I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you.

ETA now the theme song from ‘Annie’ is playing over and over in my head, and it won’t stop .

Did you ever find out what the mohair was dyed with? Sounds horrible. Hope that you find the right shade at a reasonable price and get her rooted. You have to be due a week of good days now!

Thanks ladies for the words of sympathy Yes, I am still laughing; it’s just that after living in this house for 17 years I have acumulated so much stuff that I can hardly move, and my daughter finally succeeded to get me pulling out everything and sorting what I need and what can go. And as we are sending carful of stuff to charity shops, and I just as it looks we are getting somewhere I spent $100 in only 1 week on mohair and hood fabric that go straight in a cupboard. Well, I will use the mohair on another baby - now all washed and conditioned correctly it is a lovely mohair. But I cannot re-sell the hood material as it is, and I am not sure what can I do with it.

BUT, I did find my brackets .

I am happy you found a bright side.

Is there any way you could dye the hood material? I haven’t tried it in years and can’t remember if you do it in your washer or not but Ritz makes a huge assortment of colors that are still sold in most grocery stores. Just hate to see it go to waste.

No, there is no way that can be dyed, it is special pram hood fabric from Silvercross that came from UK. It is coated with plastic/vinyl. That is why it cost $50. I should have got something from the local fabric shop, and that is what I am going to do now.

And I have managed to get very similar colour of mohair for about the same $ for double the amount. So, now just have to cross my fingers the colour will be right for my keeper. If not, that’s OK, I will ad another lot into my lovely stash for future babies, and keep looking. In the past few weeks there has not been much available, but I imagine the spring clip mohair will be for sale soon.